Seven salient points about medical billing and coding

  • Medical billing and coding are an integral part of modern medical healthcare system and medical insurance transactions and business today. For proper billing and reimbursement to correct insurance payments, both these services are needed at each step to conduct and record financial transactions.
  • Medical coding is the process of assigning codes to every medical procedure in order to correctly identify them later. Medical billing on the other hand, is the process ensuring that the right claims are made to and paid by the medical insurance companies and check if accurate transactions are made between the patient and the medical insurance corporation.
  • A medical coder has to input all the right information assembled from the medical transcriptions and doctors notes and charts in the software assigned for that very purpose. A formal training from a good school (preferably endorsed by CAHIM) is desired. Same goes for the medical billing qualification too.
  • Although medical billing and coding training is not compulsory, it is certainly essential for better job prospects in reputed health care institutions and insurance firms.
  • The job prospects of this particular type are bright and optimistic for the future. In spite of the global economical slowdown, the health care facilities to take care of the growing population, a growing number of senior citizens, and increased solutions and inventions in the field of medical science coupled with humungous growth in medical insurance cover is responsible for that.
  • The earning capacity of a medical biller and coder depends on a lot of factors like certification, experience, location of employment etc.
  • Medical billing and coding is a flexible and adaptive career option. One can achieve great success in this job field even by working from home. It proves to be an attractive career option for qualified stay-at-home mothers.

Information On Ultrasound Technician Career

With a sudden rise in the demand for ultras treatment and imaging in the medical arena, health centers are in an urgent requirement of skilled manpower who are adept in handling machines related to ultrasound. Ultrasound technicians become part of the health care industry.

Ultrasound Technician Training: If you are thinking of becoming an ultrasound technician you should first of all take admission in a school that will provide you with the requisite training in the ultrasound technician courses. You have to complete a minimum of a two-year Associate’s Degree in Ultrasonography.  Many colleges and universities are offering the Bachelor’s Degree in Ultrasound Technology which is basically a 4-year program in which you will first of all have to study general education subjects in your first two years in school. You have to also have a sound knowledge in Science and Mathematics which are the prerequisites before you can take up subjects related to the healthcare. Patient care also forms an important course that is taught to the ultrasound technician students. Certificate courses are also taught to those medical professionals who want to enhance their career prospects and which will require only some months to a year to complete.

Ultrasound Schools and Education Courses: All sorts of institutions are offering courses in ultrasound programs. You should however take admission in those ultrasound technician schools that are recognized by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.

What You Can Earn: As a beginner you can expect to earn an average of $19.00/hour rate. Many states will be providing you with higher rates, while there are those that offer below average rates also. You can expect a high salary at $34.00/hour once you begin to gain experience as a general ultrasound technician. If you are working in specialty areas will get more than the average rate.

This is the basic information On Ultrasound Technician Career! If you feel this is insufficient , please visit for detailed info.

Earning a certification in specialization

If you are interested in making your career bright and searching for educational opportunities to make better prospects economically and craft wise, thinking of a certification program is the best technique that can get you with a bright career prospect, certification programs are unlike your degree it makes you expertise in a particular skill, and increases the opportunities for one to get settled in the field they     have opted for.


They are many number of certification programs available to select for a lucrative career in different fields, with the improvement of science and technology they are many options which are highlighted both technically and medically, science growing in different activity sections making us avail with different careers in the health field depending on your choice working in contact with patients or not you have different career opportunities to select and massage therapist and radiology technician are one such career options available.


Radiology technician is an upcoming career option with the advancement of technology and usage of technology in medical field for diagnostic purposes has highlighted this career option. With the demand in a trained professional to handle this technical equipments with great skill, short duration certification programs have come on to screen, where in within a short duration of time you are a expertise radiology technician with a certificate in your hand, they are many schools that offer radiology technician course in various programs and selecting the best paves your path for a lucrative career option.


Massage is a ancient technique of getting relaxed from stress or to develop physical fitness, and this is now turn to be a productive fruitful career option for an interested individual, with the developing awareness in being healthy and fit both mentally and physically this has turned to be another good career option they are many massage therapy schools that are coming up with certification programs.

Taking a certification program increases your skill at the same time increases your chance to get into a good firm and start a healthy earning.

About the author

Joseph is a massage therapist by qualification and a renowned article writer; he works as a radiology technician in a health care institute by completing his certification program.

Radiology Technician as a profession- How lucrative it is?

Health care field is an evolving field these days with a wide scope of job opportunities. Radiology technician is one such field where in gets you with a bright future ahead. If you are interested in using technology to diagnose patients and help them to sort out their problem radiology technician can be your option.

Radiology technician use x- ray equipment to diagnose and determine treatment options for a wide variety of injured and ill conditions. Radiology technicians should collude with a team they have to work with doctors, nurses, therapists and deal with several patients so one should inculcate the habit of working as a team and should develop necessary skills in this aspect.

For being a radiology professional one should be an authorized certificate holder and trained in handling of machines and other equipments used in the lab, this can be only possible when you join a validate school which offers radiology technician training, there are many radiology technician schools which offer radiology technician course in various programs.

When making a decision of which radiology teaching school to join one must make decision in a very wise way considering the following points the school we have opted for must be national or state recognized only then the certificate of yours is valid, the school must offer campus placements which aid the student to get familiar with this profession if you are a just out. Medical college of Georgia and The Academy of health care professions, Texas offer training for radiology technician.

Career prospect of being a radiology technician, radiology technicians are known as radiographers in many states of US starting as an x- ray technician one can reach many positions like chief radiologist, you may also become radiology specialist by handling ct- scan, magnetic resonance imaging, but all these are possible only with experience.

The starting salary would be $30k-$35k per year and shows gradual increase. Overall, radiology technician as a profession is not only an interesting one but rewarding as well.

About the authorAlien Fin is an article writer on health field by profession. She is a phlebotomist and offers Phlebotomy training to the students interested in phlebotomy. She has been teaching from past 8 years in accredited schools for phlebotomy which are offering authorized phlebotomy certification.

Find what you need to know about a pharmacy technician salary

With the advancement in the health care field and each field taking its own major front there are many departments which have emerged into individual departments. But from the beginning equivalent to a doctor and nurse there is another department that holds a key role in making up the hospital environment and that is pharmacy. No matter what the disease is it is all about the chemical entities that have to show their action.

With the growing interests and advancements there are many young individuals who are paving career as a pharmacy technician and some are also heading towards being a certified pharmacist. A certified pharmacist takes a long journey with books and it is the highest degree that one can attain. While being a pharmacy technician will not take more than 6 months to a year. And this depends upon the program you select.

What pharmacy technician training program include?

These days with the growing awareness and demand for trained professionals there are many training schools, community colleges, trade schools that have come forward to offer training program. The selection of the training program depends upon your interest and the amount of time that you can spare.

The pharmacy technician training program includes all the basic knowledge about pharmacy, pharmaceutical and medical related terminology, dosage calculations, formulas involved, records and pharmacy maintenance, ethics and responsibilities of a pharmacy tech.

A pharmacy tech plays the role of an assistant to the certified pharmacist and performs all stated duties helping the certified pharmacist fulfill their primary responsibilities.

How much is a pharmacy technician pay?

Right now in the present scenario there is a dire need for trained and certified professionals. A Pharmacy Technician from an accredited school can start with a salary around $23,000- $28,000 per month. Probably might be of great help.

The Role of Pharmacy Technicians in Radiology

Radiology is the specialized the field of medicine which requires detailed knowledge and high levels of skills for operating the radiology equipment and get the results. It is important for the radiologists to find out the results for the positioning as well as detailed diagnosis of any disease which may develop inside the body over a period of time and the carrier of disease does not know the existence. Trained pharmacy technician is trained to provide detailed information about every aspect of radiology. The field of radiology comprises ultrasound, X-rays, MRIs and Radiant dye, and the process involves creating inner composition of the object by using the radiant energy. The pharmacy technicians, is a broader term and it specifically includes vast field of radiology besides other key medical research and diagnosis. With the help of radio diagnosis, it will not only become easy to understand the disease, but also ensures that everything is fine and within the limits.

The role of radiologist or for that matter, pharmacy technicians, is to get hold of finest images and review them so that the expert advice can be put into practice. If the radio diagnosis is not done in proper manner, there will be misdiagnosis of the patient conditions and this may result into something really more serious and excruciating later on. Therefore, it becomes very important that for proper diagnosis the radio technologist should be experienced and above all the technologist should have understanding of how the equipment works.

Medical procedures which take into account the radio technology or therapy has got its own risks which directly relate to the long and lasting exposure to the radiation. For the expert radiologist, it is important to go for generating some real good results which also seem to be reliable and decision making.

Diagnosis in case of traumatic cases will require the services of radio technicians at some stage so that the patient gets to know what kind of disease he/she is suffering from. Moreover, the radiologist should also have high communication skills and outstanding manner ism so as to make the people understand what actually counts the best. For the patient who has come for the diagnosis.

Radio diagnosis also involves looking through the traumatic cases and for which purpose it becomes necessary to have the radiologist who understands the intricacies of machine and put it to use for the benefits of the patient. The radio diagnosis centers will provide two special services. The first service is of course the radio diagnosis. The second service is of course wherein the radio diagnosis is used in medico legal set ups.

If you are in the need of radio diagnosis, it is important to search the best diagnostic centers and based on it make the final decision. If you are not making the right decision in making the choice of radio diagnosis center, probably, you are risking your life. The benefits of radio diagnosis hold special value and means in providing quality life.

How much does a phlebotomy degree cost?

Now that you have selected to take phlebotomy as your career option, you must also know what the job outlook is, how much will it cost you, and many other questions that are making a space in your mind?

Well, if you have done a good research before selecting phlebotomy as your career option then you will definitely have a fruitful career ahead, phlebotomist is a profession where in you have inculcate yourself within a team of doctors, nurses and other technicians so it is very essential for one to have a good communication skills, and able to work as a team.

Technical skills include a good grip over human physiology and anatomy which would be an added benefit, and later can be up graded with different streams which are essential for drawing blood medically by joining a good phlebotomy training school.

How much does it costs you for becoming a phlebotomist professional?

Now, answering this question depends upon the place you are residing in, the college you have selected, and the program you have selected to pursue this career, many of them opt for an associate degree for two years which gets you with all the necessary knowledge requires you to become a trained professional, if an associate degree is not correct for you then take a certification course which gets you with an earning within a short period of time, so depending upon the time the course you have selected to complete your course it costs you accordingly, as soon as you complete your course you can start your professional career as a phlebotomist either in a hospital organizations or you can set up your own centre, there are many accredited colleges offering degree and certificate programs for phlebotomy. The costs are low compared to other medical careers and you can begin working in the field quickly.

About the author

Sherylon is a renowned article writer; she is a phlebotomist by profession and a dedicated teacher for about a decade as phlebotomy trainer for an accredited schools, helping students to pave their path with this career.

Radiology technician schools

Thanks to the various developments in the activity section which is leading to the evolution of new job types, people who are interested in healthcare, and willing to work in the diagnosis of a disease using technical equipments can opt for career as radiology technician.

Radiology technician is a lucrative career that one can opt for, it involves the wield of technical diagnostic equipments such as x-ray machine, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, ct scan equipment and other diagnostic equipments which can make the diagnosis more accurate and reliable.

For one to handle and become adept to use the machines must be a proper trained and authorized certificate holder from an accredited school, they are many school all around the United States and other parts of the country that offer radiology technician as an academic course with various programs that is both online and on the campus.

Care must be taken while selecting a school, check out the authorization and accreditations of the school, only an accredited school certificate would recognize you as a valid radiology technician.

Take a look at both two year and four year degrees, as well as basic certificate programs that may take less than two years. To prepare for your future testing and licensing you should look for courses that include anatomy, patient care, physiology, radiation safety, radiation physics, medical terminology, radiobiology, patient positioning, and imaging. These are the courses that are going to prepare you for licensing and are the courses required to be a professionally practicing radiographer.

One should also focus on the experience gained practically during the theory part, a good school offers maximum period of hands on experience, and radiology technician must go handy with all other professionals working in the hospital, so one must inculcate the habit of working as a team and develop communication skills. Radiology technician is a very bright career option which is growing day by day.

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Lisa is a pharmacist by profession and works for a pharmacy technician schools developing young pharmacist technicians; she spends her leisure time writing articles about health care field and related career oppurtunities.